Kline Innovation Audi S8 V8 D5 DECAT cat pipe set Inconel 625 Exhaust

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£5,058.72 inc. VAT
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Kline Audi S8 Cat Pipe Section

The most powerful A8 model combines a 571PS 4.0l V8 with predictive active suspension, dynamic all wheel steering, and quattro system with a sports differential for enhanced driving dynamics. With this in mind the sound and performance criteria for the exhaust was clear, to sculpt an exhaust that would be comfortable at cruising speeds, yet raw and powerful in sound and nature in high revs.

The Sound

HJS HDPE motorsport 100 cell, or 200 cell catalysts available, or de-cat pipes for optimum performance and sound.


Inconel 625, as used in the aerospace industry where extremely durable and heat withstanding components are required, for example for the exhaust turbine blades in high performance jet engines. Inconel is also used for the manufacture of Formula1 exhausts and has also been used by some manufacturers on hypercar projects such as McLaren P1, Aston Martin 177, where lightness is a factor, and exhaust temperatures regularly exceed 1000°C.
The basic properties of Inconel are characterised by extremely high tensile strength, and extreme thermo chemical stability. Because of the high tensile strength of Inconel (roughly the same strength to weight ratio as titanium), very thin sidewall material can be used while still maintaining structural integrity, resulting in very lightweight components that will not fatigue over time. Using Inconel requires a high skill level and is a very time-consuming process which is all worthwhile for the highest quality exhaust system.

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